Jackson Street Fair
January 30, 2000

While many in America were watching Superbowl pre-game commentary, or preparing for festive parties around that famed sporting event, thick crowds roamed the streets in San Francisco's Chinatown. Geary Street was closed to traffic, and many tents lined the streets, offering Chinese crafts, herbs, VCDs, and flowers. Many bargains and festive goods were sold.

In the midst of this activity, Sifu Bryant Fong and students performed an eclectic set of Chinese wushu and kung fu styles.

Sifu Bryant Fong introduced each performer and gave a brief explanation of the style or form.



Michael performs Dripping Water Staff, from the Tibetan White Crane system.



It is called Dripping Water Staff because of the high speed. Euphemistically, a single drop of water can stick to the staff, due to the high speed of the performer's motions.



Yang Tai Chi Saber, as performed by Kumiko and Phillip.



Guan Bo Tai Chi. This style of tai chi was developed for practice in a very small space, perhaps inside a house.


Bagua Iron Fan, as demostrated by Sifu Fong. The Iron Fan is performed in a circle, as with other Bagua forms.



Bagua Iron Fan, Tui Mo Zhang position.



Bagua Deerhorn Knives, as demonstrated by Keoni Everington. The Deerhorn Knives are a weapon unique to the Bagua style, and were designed to be effective in close combat.


Bagua Deerhorn Knives


Baguazhang 'Swallow' stance, Keoni Everington


Chen style Tai Chi, as demonstrated by Jason. Sifu Bryant Fong is perfoming Liang Yi, a style that combines Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu Tai Chi and Fu style Baguazhang.


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